About Avant Games

Avant Games is a small game development company located in Savannah, Georgia.  With big ideas for games and little opportunity in the area for game development, we’ve established this studio as an outlet for our creativity.

Our Mission
To push the boundaries of gaming with new game styles coupled with the newest interfaces.

Our Games

Dragon Souls

In development and coming soon…
Keep an eye out for our Alpha launch this coming January, 2016! More Info >


Pirate Blockade 2

This game will be an extension of an older mobile game we've created where you are a pirate blockading a coastal town, much like Blackbeard did in history. Through your blockade, you must use your unique abilities to prevent other ships from leaving and defend against the armada coming to remove you. The extension will include much more content, including upgrades and multiple boards, challenges, and achievements.


Star Core

Enter space to expand your fleet and gain power. This game design focuses on applying the attributes of RTS gaming to a single ship as you travel through space. Can you climb the "tech tree" faster than your competition or use your strategy to outwit your competition. Universal domination will win the day.

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